leśna kąpiel
Seeking Equilibrium

Shinrin-Yoku means ‘forest bathing’


The concept of forest bathing stems from Japan. The term Shinrin-Yoku means immersing in the forest atmosphere, literally it translates as ‘forest bathing’. The Japanese discovered that relaxing walks in the woods, perceiving nature with all senses contribute to preventing and curing the diseases of civilization.

Creating Leśna Kąpiel, we were looking for a place for ourselves, where we would be able to take a breath and have some rest from the noisy, fast-paced city life, which is our everyday reality. Conversations with our friends made us realize that not only we needed Leśna Kąpiel – there were a lot of people seeking a similar retreat.

It’s a perfect destination for both those who wish to take a rest from the hustle and bustle of a city and the active ones. For those who like climbing and plan to hike in the Karkonosze National Park, those who love cycling and even for ice swimmers.

Leśna kąpiel includes 12 suites and 4 chalets at the edge of the Karkonosze National Park.

The entire complex is enveloped by the woods.

Feel free to:

  • indulge in warm baths in the bathtub at the forest edge;
  • plunge into the swimming pool overlooking the woods in the summer;
  • soak up the splendid views of the woods from one of the suites;
  • relax on a suspended terrace in one of our chalets in the woods;
  • or go for a walk in the woods.

Come and visit us to experience the therapeutic power of forest bathing.


The most important rules of Shinrin-Yoku walks:

  • a slow pace of marching;
  • the walk should last at least 2h;
  • an appropriate spot for a walk, wildlife should be possibly diverse, a thick wood that is remote from houses and cities (the surroundings of Leśna Kąpiel are highly recommended);
  • focus on the woods around you, no distractors – don’t take your phone or turn on the airplane mode;
  • maintaining silence – try not to chat with your companions, focus your attention on nature;
  • look, listen, breathe in, touch, feel nature with all your senses;
  • forget about time, consider the walk itself your aim, not any other destination, be here now.